Become Author – Read More

We are promoting a new adventure.
Through our space, you can now become an author. By just a single accessible register or signup through either Facebook or Google.

That gives you rights to publish your songs.
This site is getting extensive infiltration from people who would like to listen to music.
When you become an author, you can publish mp3’s as well, but as well you can attach any track with just a single picture. Our support team will change the image to better looking one if you can’t make the same as usual we have on this page.

We welcome all, and this site only supports links from SoundCloud, AudioMack and Hearthis.
As well with a single use of Spotify links which can in the become pasted in the editor.

You can contact support at if you have any questions.

Hello ppl, has now got a special feature that was developed plugin by LoopSwag on the page so that people can easily only post for review if they have commented on the page on others, to fairly give justice.
Making an account is deadly easy, and we welcome all who want to promote their own tracks here. The comment to post feature is really cool and unique to the page. This encourages people to use it well. Posts will be edited to a more professional way if you still have not made it professional, as perhaps the images.
If there are needs to publish in other categories? Well just write in the post you want to be published for review. And we make the categories.